Tim had just arived on Sodor. Tim is a green tank engine and is one Thomas's brothers. Tim was unhappy to find only one engine came to greet him. Thomas II was happy to meet the new engine. Tim thought,"Why didn't anyone else greet me." "What's the matter?" asked Thomas II. "Nothing." Tim said quickly and puffed away.

Tim arived at Knapford and no one was there so he went to the freght yards and collected some freight cars. The cars quickly found out what he thought and sang:"Tim tought he was so fun, but when he came there was no one." Tim sighed.

Meanwhile Thomas, John, and Anabel were planing a surprise for Tim. Unknown to them Tim had already arived. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving and they were planing a surprise for Tim. Tim was always shy and they knew this "surprise" would make him feel part of the railway.

Tim had finished his dilivery, sad as he had ever been. Tim said to himself, "No one wants me." He decided that he would runaway.

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