One day all the engines were excited because today some people from the mainland were coming to take pictures. Gordon was to pull the train to take them from the docks to Tidmoth sheds. But there was trouble. Gordon was feeling ill.

Gordon: I can't pull the special train today.

Sir Topham Hatt: We must take you to the repair yard.

Soon Edward took Gordon the the repair yard.

Sir Topham Hatt: The only engine left to pull the train is Thomas. Can you do it?

Thomas hadn't pulled express coaches for a long time. But No one else could.

Thomas: Sir. Can I take the passengers in Annie and Clarabel?

Sir Topham Hatt: There are too many passengers to fit in Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas: Can't I carry the passengers in Annie, Clarabel and other small coaches?

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, The passengers can't come unless they are taken on express coaches. So go to the docks and get the coaches.

Thomas: Yes sir.

And Thomas puffed away. When he got to the docks he coupled up to the express coaches.

Thomas: This train is too heavy for me.

Salty: Don't worry matey. You can do it.

So Thomas started to pull the coaches. He found that the train wasn't so bad.

Thomas in thoughts: I hope I can make it.

Thomas then stopped at a signal. Stanley was waiting too.

Stanley: Are you okay, Thomas?

Thomas: I'm fine. But this train is too much for me. I need help.

Stanley: I'll hurry up and finish my jobs. Then I'll see if I can help you.

Thomas: Okay.

But in the meantime time, Thomas had to do the work on his own. The signal turned green and Thomas went off. He continued his journey. He passed by the wharf. The Thin Controller was pleased to see him.

The Thin Controller: Thomas, I'm glad to see you. Sir Topham Hatt informed me that some trucks are needed at the photography party.

Thomas: Yes sir.

So Thomas was coupled up to the trucks. The train was now heavier then ever. Thomas pulled the train very slowly because he needed help. He then got to another signal. Leo was waiting there.

Thomas: Leo, Can you help me with this heavy train?

Leo: I need to finish my other jobs before I can. Then I might help you.

The signal turned green and Thomas went off.

Thomas: This train is heavy. Then there was trouble. Thomas's siderods cracked. He couldn't move anymore. But then Leo and Stanley came.

Leo: I've finished all my jobs.

Stanley: Me too. Now we can help you.

Luckily for Thomas Leo and Stanley brought him new siderods. As soon as Thomas was fixed, Leo was coupled up in the middle. And Stanley pushed the train from the back. Soon the three engines set off. They made it just in time.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well done Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you Sir.

The engines enjoyed having their pictures taken. One person even took a special picture of Thomas for all his hard work. Thomas was happy.

The End