Joy and Nazz are twins who came from Japan. Hiro is an engine who came from Japan too. But Hiro is older than Joy and Nazz. In fact they didn't know about each other until this day. One day Sir Topham Hatt came to see Joy and Nazz.

Sir Topham Hatt: Joy, Nazz, You must go help Hiro today at Great Waterton.

Joy and Nazz were excited. They never met Hiro before. The twins went on their way. When they got there they were very surprised. So was Hiro.

Joy: Hey, You must be Hiro.

Hiro: I'm Hiro

Nazz: We look just like you. Are you from Japan?

Hiro: I sure am.

Joy: So are we. We must be related some how.

Hiro: Now come on. Help me with these heavy trucks.

Hiro buffered up to the back of the train. Joy and Nazz went up in front.

Hiro: Are you ready you two?

Nazz: We sure are.

So the three engines went on their way. They were puffing down the track. They then came upon a fallen tree on the track.

Joy: A Tree has fallen.

Nazz: We can't get through.

Hiro: I know a shortcut.

So Joy, Nazz and Hiro went onto the shortcut.

They went on their way. All was going well until they saw Stanley broken down on the crossing with his train.

Joy: We need to get through.

Stanley: I'm sorry. I'm stuck. I can't move.

Joy's driver called for help. And soon Duck came to get Stanley's train off the crossing. Then Joy, Nazz and Hiro went on their way again. They were enjoying their journey when they came upon Dennis. He had broken down.

Joy: What's wrong Dennis?

Dennis: I broke down. I need to be taken to the repair yard.

Nazz: We'll help you.

So Joy buffered up behind Dennis and they took him to the repair yard.

Dennis: Thank you.

Then the three engines went on their way. They made it to their destination on time.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well done you three.

Joy: Thanks.

Nazz: It was really fun meeting an engine that looks like us.

Hiro: I thought I was the only Japanese engine on Sodor. But I found two new friends who look just like me.

Joy and Nazz were happy. They really liked working with their new friend, Hiro the Japanese engine.

The End