Pud'n and Hug'n are two new American twins who came to help on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Pud'n and Hug'n were each given a number. Pud'n Number 18 and Hug'n Number 19. Pud'n and Hug'n like pulling trains together. They are also good friends with Leo because he is American like them. One day Sir Topham Hatt came to see Pud'n and Hug'n.

Sir Topham Hatt: Zozo needs help at the waterfall.

Pud'n and Hug'n: Yes sir.

So the twins went to help Zozo. They never met Zozo before. When they got there Zozo was already there.

Zozo: Ah. Glad you came. There are some trucks in the mine behind the water fall. I can't move them on my own while they are in the mine. I'll go up in front and wait for you. I just need you two to push the trucks out. After you do I can take the trucks to the quarry.

So Zozo went away.

Pud'n went into the mine first. Hug'n followed him. The mine was dark. The twins went down the tunnel.

Pud'n: It sure is dark.

Hug'n: Yes. It is dark.

They continued. But then they found a fork in the mine.

Pud'n: Let's go left.

Hug'n: No. Let's go right.

The twins were arguing for a long time. But them Pud'n finally said something to help.

Pud'n: Hug'n, It's pretty clear we don't agree which way to go. We have to help Zozo.

Hug'n: You're right. Let's go left.

Pud'n: Okay. So they went. It was going well until Pud'n bumped into some buffers.

Pud'n: Wait Hug'n, This is the wrong way.

But Hug'n did't stop in time. He hit Pud'n and Pud'n hit the buffers. Then they found out that the buffers were the trucks they came in for.

Hug'n: What were you saying, Pud'n?

Pud'n: Never mind. This is the right way.

So the twins pushed the train. Zozo could feel the train being pushed.

Zozo: Ah. They must have found the trucks.

Zozo started to pull the train.

Pud'n and Hug'n pushed as hard as they could. They kept pushing until they were out of the mine.

Zozo: Thank you.

Pud'n and Hug'n: You're welcome.

Then Zozo went off to the quarry.

That evening Zozo came to see Pud'n and Hug'n.

Zozo: I made it fine. Thanks again.

Pud'n and Hug'n were pleased they helped their new friend, Zozo

the end