Thomas is a blue tank engine. He lives on the island of Sodor. He is number 1 on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Edward is 2, Henry 3, Gordon 4, James 5, Percy 6, Toby 7, Duck 8. Donald 9, Douglas 10, and Oliver 11. One day Sir Topham Hatt caome to Tidmoth sheds.

Sir Topham Hatt: Today 3 new engines are coming to Sodor. Thomas, I am sure you know these engines.

Thomas: Oh boy. They are some engine I know. I wonder who they could be.

Thomas went to Great waterton where the new engines were waiting. And Indeed he knew these engines. They were Thomas's brothers and sister. Jase, Zack and Zicky. Jase was a red tank engine with the number 12, Zack was orange and had a 13 and Zicky was yellow and had a 14. And their shape was the same as Thomas.

Thomas: Hey guys. It's great to see you again.

Jase: Hey Thomas. It's great to be working on this railway.

Just then Stanley came in.

Stanley: Thomas, Who are these engines? They look just like you except for the colors.

Thomas: They are my brothers and sisters. Jase is the red engine, Zack is the orange engine and Zicky is the yellow engine.

Jase, Zack and Zicky: Hello Stanley.

Just then Sir Topham Hatt came.

Sir Topham Hatt: Jase, Zack, Zicky, You all need to take passengers into the mountains. Jase and Zack, Stanley has already gotten your coaches.

So Jase and Zack went to get to their coaches.

Zicky: What about me, sir?

Just then James pulled in with two coaches that looked like Annie and Claribel. But their names were Calvin and Herb.

Sir Topham Hatt: I thought you could do with your own coaches. Hopefully Jase and Zack don't mind having to use ordinary coaches.

Jase: We don't, Sir.

James was uncoupled from Calvin and Herb and Zicky buffered up. The engines waited until all the passengers were on board. Then the guard blew his whistle. Then Thomas, Jase and Zack went off. Zicky didn't know the whistle ment for her to move.

Calvin: Um Zicky, The whistle means it's time to go.

Zicky: Oh.

Then Zicky went on her way. Zicky followed her brothers up to the mountains cause she didn't really know much. She was in fact the youngest.

Calvin and Herb: Come on, Zicky. You can do it.

Zicky kept her spirit high and continued. But there was trouble ahead. Thomas, Jase and Zack went one way but the switcher switched the points before Zicky got there. She went onto the wrong line. Instead she came into a forest.

Zicky: Wait, This isn't the mountain village.

Zicky then realized she had gone the wrong way. She backed up.

When she got to the switches she told the switcher what happened. He then switched the points the right way. Then Zicky went on her way. She soon came into the mountains. Thomas, Jase and Zack were already there.

Thomas: There you are, Sis. Where have you been?

Zicky: I got lost.

Zack: But at least you made it with your passengers.

Zicky: Yeah, Did.

Zicky felt proud she made it. Even though she was the youngest of her brothers she felt really useful.

The End