Jaimie is a tank engine who works on Misty Island.


Jaimie was built in Leeds for a logging railway in Oregon. While in the mountains, he met several of his current friends, including Ferdinand. When the line closed down in the 1950's, despite the engines working their hardest to save it, Jaimie was left to rust away. However, when the workload became too much for the Logging Locos to handle, Ferdinand remembered his old friend, who was shipped to Sodor and restored.


Jaimie is painted in a pine green with yellow lines. He has a logo that resembles the Portland Timbers soccer badge on his cabside, but with the team name replaced with the words "Misty Island Logging Co." He also carries the number 96 on his tanks.


Jaimie is bubbly, bright and almost always cheerful. He is a hard worker and is always ready to tell a joke or a funny story. He is good friends with Charlie, Henry, Neville and the Logging Locos.


Jaimie is based on a "De Bousquet" 0-6-2+2-6-0 articulated engine. Because his basis was experimental, The Fat Controller often has problems finding new parts for him.