Ava Wilkesen is a new road train on the island of Sodor. He loves to carry passengers in his road carriages and show all the people around the island. One day Ava was waiting for all the passengers to get on board when Oliver came in.

Ava: Hello, My name is Ava Wilkesen. But you can call me Ava.

Oliver: Hi Ava, My name's Oliver.

Ava: Nice to meet you, Oliver.

Oliver: Are you happy to be on the island?

Ava: Yes I am. It's a great place to be. But sometimes I wish I could run on the rails.

Oliver felt sorry for Ava. But then he had an idea.

Oliver's thoughts: I'll ask Sir Topham Hatt if I can carry Ava around on a flatbed. Then I could show him around the island and know what's it's like to be a rail engine.

Oliver: I have to go now, Ava. I'll see you later.

Ava: See you, Oliver.

And Oliver left. Later Oliver found Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Topham Hatt: Hey Oliver. I have a job for you.

Oliver: Okay, Sir. But can I ask you something?

Sir Topham Hatt: Sure.

Oliver: Can I take Ava Wilkesen around the island today carrying him in a flatbed around the island?

Sir Topham Hatt: Sure. But first I need you to take some rocks from the quarry to to docks.

Oliver: Yes sir.

So Oliver went off to the quarry. When he got to the quarry he coupled up to his freight cars and went to the shoot. Then he waited Impatiently for all the cars to load up.

Oliver: Hurry up. I have a road train to take around the island.

At last all of Oliver's trucks were loaded. Then he went off. Oliver went down the country side. He went as fast as he could. At last he made it to the docks. Oliver was on his way out when he passed by Zicky with Calvin and Herb. Zicky has broken her piston rod. And she felt glum.

Oliver: What's wrong, Zicky?

Zicky: I broke my piston rod. and I need to get my passengers to Ava Wilkensen.

Oliver: You're in luck, Zicky. I'm on my way to Ava right now. I'm going to surprise him with a tour of Sodor.

Zicky: But I can't move. Can you take Calvin and Herb to Ava please?

Oliver: Sure thing.

So Oliver turned around and buffered up to Herb. Then Zicky's driver uncoupled her from Calvin. Then Oliver's driver coupled him up to Herb. Then Oliver went off. He then made it to Ava.

Calvin and Herb's passengers got off board and climbed on board Ava's carriages.

Oliver: Ava, Do you want to go around the island today? I'll carry you around on a flat bed.

Ava: Oh yes! Let me go around and take my passengers first.

And then after Ava took his passengers and got back Oliver was already waiting with his flat bed. Ava was uncoupled from his train and put onto Oliver's flatbed. And then they went around the island. Ava enjoyed the sites to see. He was happy that Oliver took him around. And Oliver was very proud to make his new friend, Ava Wilkensen happy.

The End